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The Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute

20 years of experience

We are making websites, logos and corporate identities during roughly 20 years. Among our clients we had political organizations, stock exchange brokers, international corporations and private persons. Things we do are so different but there's something in common for all our projects: the happiness when the goal is achieved.

User experience is king

We think that good website is a usable website. Usability means conveninence and simplicity, but it's not an easy job to make things simple. Simplicity and convenience arise from lightning-fast page loading times, well-designed interaction patterns and many other small but not so evident details. That's why we design every website from scratch and do our best to provide the best possible user experience we can create.

You really own and control your site

We use only open source, free license website engines. This means You don't need to pay for engine, and it's easy to engage new website team members or even to switch the whole team if necessary. We help you to choose the right hosting company. We offer free and commercial support. As a result You are a 100% owner of Your website, You have full control over it, but we're always at reach if help is needed.

Modern and proven solutions

We do a careful selection of softwarte solutions for every project. Simplicity, high speed and positive user experience are our main goals. Sometimes we use lightweight CMS like Processwire and ModX Evolution, some of our projects are done using unique frameworks (e.g. Phalcon). We also have risen our own codebase which is actively used in almost every project.